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The HANSOL SHIRTS is producing dress shirts and casual shirts company in korea. Since the HANSOL SHIRTS established in 1997, it improved with financial profitability and stability with shirts quality. Now HANSOL SHIRTS

has two factories near Hanoi, Vietnam. The 30 workers in headquarter office in Seoul, Korea and the 1500 workers work in factory The next year is 20th aniversary, HANSOL SHIRTS. Since the 1997, The HANSOL SHIRTS have worked

as a OEM, ODM company. We have developed as creative fashion design and professional OEM, ODM company
Until now, we do our best everytime. 

The HANSOL SHIRTS become represented dress and casual shirts vendor 
based on great marketing and goods production quality in Korea For now we make partnership with domestic and international 
as a global fashion company.

The HANSOL SHIRTS producing about 500 millions of shirsts per one year in two factories.

Special know-how and technologies of Hansol

The advanced equipment

Based on reliability

In order to make High quality and keep deadline, we have QA department.  
QA department conducts SIP (Self Inspection Program) in order to keep buyer's credivility The HANSOL SHIRTS proceed inspection and education many times in order to maintain high quality. 

The Factory in Vietnam is key role in HANSOL SHIRTS and produce shirts as each buyer's special order. In addition, we maintain goods quality and also maintain production cost competitiveness.

We purchase KOREA AND CHINA fabric factory with credivility business. Thus, our production competitiveness is developed because of great fabric invention and production ability.

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